Hi, I'm Gijs Bellaard. I was born and raised in Geertruidenberg, a little city in The Netherlands. I'm 25 years old and currently doing a PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology under the supervision of Remco Duits in the Geometric Learning and Differential Geometry group of the Centre for Analysis, Scientific Computing and Applications cluster. My interests lie in simulations, differential geometry, combinatorics, machine learning, and computer graphics.



Date Organization Title Role Type
25 November 2022 TU/e Analysis of (sub-)Riemannian PDE-G-CNNs First Author Preprint


Date Organization Type Role Student Project Title
2023 TU/e Master Thesis Co-Supervisor Sei Sakata Axioms of PDE-G-CNNs
2022 TU/e Master Thesis Co-Supervisor Daan Bon Analysis and Geometric Interpretation of PDE-G-CNNs


Date Organization Course Title Course Code Role
2022-2023 Quartile 1 TU/e Advanced Calculus 2DBN10 Instructor
2021-2022 Quartile 4 TU/e Complex Analysis 2WA80 Instructor
2021-2022 Quartile 1 TU/e Advanced Calculus 2DBN10 Instructor


Date Occasion Venue Title Slides
13 April 2022 CASA day Evoluon Eindhoven Analysis of PDE-G-CNNs



Some articles I've written that try to (and/or) illuminate, summarize, formalize, simplify, subjects I've come across. Some of them are purely for the fun of it.


Here I share pieces of code/maths that can be of use. Currently it consists of mostly distance functions for some fractals and some finite differences. I have put them on my site because I find these to be hard to find in their most basic form.


Check out all my shaders on Shadertoy



I create renders of fractals using my Raymarcher IDE. You can check them out in the gallery. In the meantime, enjoy this random picture from the gallery: